Thursday, October 8, 2009

Before and After #2

I am new to this blogging thing but I get so many ideas and inspiration from the blogs I read that I feel compelled to be creative and industrious myself. I hope that I am passing the torch, in some small way.

I found this shabby frame at Metrolina Expo in Charlotte a few years ago and it sat in my basement until I came across a precious print from Sarah Jane Studios at Etsy. Well, I knew it had to hang above my two-year-old's bookshelves (to be determined), so I ordered the print, cleaned up and painted the frame and I think it turned out nicely. The quality of the print is amazing and I think Sarah Jane is so talented. I will definitely order from her again. I used a little sample pot of Benjamin Moore's paint in Coral Gables.
P.S. I found some very plain bookshelves at a local consignment store that I think I'll re-finish and paint for Janie's room and then hang my lovely "Read With Me" print over them. Will send a picture when I do.