Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fresh Start, Part 1

Happy 2010!! As much as I love the holidays, for so many reasons, there is something wonderfully refreshing and exhilerating about the New Year and a fresh start. This is the first in a series of posts about fresh start ideas and things I am trying to do myself in 2010.

An Organized Refrigerator
Who knew that November 15 was National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?? Although I think that this should be done more than once a year. Here are some quick tips to weekly fridge clean-outs. I try to stick to the same day...Sundays and Mondays are ideal for cleaning out and grocery shopping.

*Clean everything out that has spoiled, empty tupperware, old milk, etc...and make notes of what's missing (eggs, OJ, butter, etc..)
*Wipe down surfaces and even bottoms of containers. Try this toxic free and yummy scented all-purpose cleaner:

*Then, sit down with a great cookbook or cooking blog for inspiration and to make your weekly shopping list. This definitely saves time and money. I usually have to jot down a note in my calendar to remind me what we're eating on which night.

Then when you return from the store, you'll have a clean fridge and a week's worth of meals...or at least enough to get you to the weekend when your sweet husband can take over.