Thursday, May 20, 2010

Party Prep

It's so fun to help a client get ready for a party! For this job, we spruced up her sun room and living room with fresh pillows, live branches on the mantel and small arrangements in the foyer and living room. The pillows above are what we put on her outdoor, Chippendale bench. They are from Williams-Sonoma Home who I think has the best selection of ready made pillows and they offer free shipping. I love the pillows we put in the sun room, also from WS Home. They really freshened up the sofa and looked very spring-like.

The mantel looked beautiful with live, baptista branches and curly willow. In hindsight, I would have filled the empty fireplace with magnolia (a tip from my mom). I filled two mint julep cups with lemon spruce plants and the rest of the silver vases with peonies and movie star roses, a bright punch colored rose. Most of all, it was such a treat to work with my lovely and gracious client.