Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Done in a Day!

I love the idea of making small changes in a room that leave a big impact. Like corralling stray items onto a pretty tray as in the photo above from a Georgia beach house, via House Beautiful.

Other done in a day ideas:

*Update your lamp shades! It has a huge impact. Usually inexpensive lamps come with cheap shades, but jazz them up, and they look much more "important." This is a great tutorial from Eddie Ross. Or add simple ribbon with a glue gun to the rim of the shade.

*Clear clutter off of your shelves and group similar items, by color or shape. Take it one step further and paint or paper the backs of the shelves. These shelves were designed by one of my favorites, Steven Gambrel.

*Refresh the pillows on your sofa or change them out seasonally. These from Hable Construction are fun and playful for summer.

*Create a bar area on your shelves, console or tray table by simply gathering a few bottles, an ice bucket, cute cocktail napkins and some highball glasses with a few cute little coke and ginger ale bottles on a neat tray. It will make impromptu entertaining a breeze.

Happy Done in a Day Decorating!!