Monday, July 26, 2010

Garage Makeover!!

One of our goals this summer is to completely clean out and organize the's a great space it just needs a little help! I've been putting it off (I can't imagine why in this oppressive heat) but I was re-inspired when browsing through June's Real Simple. Three garage makeover stories were enough to remind me of my final summer project and get the ball rolling.

I really like the idea of a nice work surface and this stainless steel table in the photo above looks perfect. It's almost $200 from Target but here's a cheaper one from a restaurant supply company. These tables are also neat in large kitchens for added work space.

I also love the garage floor mat in this photo from Stacks and Stacks. Or I might paint the floor with a concrete stain-that will clean it up dramatically (just like the basement!)

And some wall storage units are a must! These Antonious shelves from IKEA might do the trick. Then we just need some heavy duty hooks for all of the yard equipment and tools and shewww...a cool day or two!