Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Advice and a Dirty Job

I found a great article recently by Jancee Dunn in Real Simple entitled, "The Ten Things My Father Was Right About." A great short read, if you have a moment. I love her humor and the way she writes but one piece of advice struck me as an important thank the people who do your dirty work.

We have an excellent sanitation crew in our town. They arrive each week and take care of our trash and recycle and always leave things nice and tidy. So, I decided to tackle cleaning out our outdoor garage cans today. Not so pleasant...right up there with cleaning out the fish tank. But it makes a difference and hopefully makes their job easier.

I try to do it after they've come so the cans are empty. Then I pour a lot of strong disinfectant, like Lysol, inside and fill it with water from the hose then dump it in the street and let the sun dry them out. Not so bad...And I love how she reminds us to say hello and show our appreciation. Last Christmas I left a bag of goodies for our sanitation crew and Janie and I watched out of the window as they found them on an early December morning. They jumped back in their truck, high-fived and honked their horn. Made my day. It's so easy to stop people who work hard for us and just say thank you. I'm glad for that reminder.