Friday, July 9, 2010


I love to help clients get organized. Making a space beautiful AND functional is the ultimate goal. Take 30 minutes and organize a drawer and notice the sense of order and accomplishment you won't want to stop, I promise! Here are some more tips:

•Tired of the endless stacks of catalogues? In one quick step you can call the 1-800 number on the back, give your subscriber ID # and have your name removed from their list. Shop on line!

•Keep a large basket in the kitchen to gather newspapers and other loose papers on a daily basis. Take the basket to the recycling center at the end of each month ( for more information)

•Sort the mail daily and throw away junk mail immediately. Place bills and invitations in one location (try a letter sorter or file box near your desk) and pay/respond each week on the same chosen day

•Keep an ongoing, large plastic bin in a closet for Goodwill or consignment items. Take once every three months! ( for locations)

•Keep take out menus and favorite recipes in sheet protectors in a simple binder from Staples…when you cook, the recipe won’t get damaged. If you’re really organized, use dividers for main dishes, appetizers and desserts. Check out for great, easy dinner recipes

•Keep a large bowl or vase in your bedroom closet for gathering spare change at the end of each day…once it’s full, take it to Harris Teeter (or other change to cash locations) and treat yourself to a night out!

*Images via Real Simple