Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Travel First Aid Kit

We've been on the go this summer! After the first couple of trips I realized I need to pack more efficiently (my older sister is a huge inspiration here, she remembers EVERYTHING!) So, before our most recent venture to the mountains, I made sure to pack a stocked family first aid kit. And I'm so glad I did...we used almost every item at some point. Here is my list, based on sister, mother and Parenting Magazine advice...any other suggestions??

-Band Aids! My good friend introduced me to the waterproof Nemo ones which were a huge hit
-Neosporin with pain relief
-Gauze pads
-Children's Tylenol or Ibuprofen and dropper
-Benadryl or antihistamine for allergic reactions
-Airborne and Airborne soft chews (which we all needed by the end of the trip)
-Pain relief for adults
-Alcohol swabs
-Antibacterial gel or wipes
-And of course a cute bag to put them in! I found this one on ebay for a steal and I like that it's red so you can grab it in a hurry!