Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sercies & Hostess Gifts

For some reason I don't like to go anywhere empty handed. I even take my doctor homemade cookies and I think I might be his favorite patient now, but that's honestly not why I do it. It gives me so much joy to give someone an unexpected little surprise (or sercie, as my Grammy called them) or leave something on a friend's doorstep when you know they could use a little cheering up. It's so easy and it doesn't have to be big...a great magazine with a bottle of tea (these are my favorite), a new CD with great music, a fresh baked loaf of bread from the local bakery...it's a simple gesture that really counts.

And when a friend or family member opens their doors for a visit, I feel it is necessary to give them a thoughtful hostess gift. We all know how much work goes into preparing for guests, so it's the least I can do! The monogrammed bag, above, from Room Service Home, is such a neat and useful gift. Fill it with a bottle of wine, cheese biscuits, cocktail napkins and a sweet note and you're set for a perfect "Thank you for having us for the weekend" gift. The notes above are from (my favorite) Sugar Paper. Printed on 100% recycled paper, they're simple and elegant.

It's always nice to take a little something to a cocktail or dinner party, as well. My friend Emily is so thoughtful and inspires me in this way. She takes a token of her appreciation with her wherever she goes and it's such a lovely gesture. Cocktail napkins, like these, from Caspari, paired with a bottle of wine (or not) are a great way to say thank you. And don't forget your tag!

Great etiquette advice from Sugar Paper:
Thank You Notes: After receiving a gift, attending an event or simply enjoying a meal at a friend's home, a handwritten note is a polite way to say "thank you." Ideally, a note should be sent within the week, though it will be appreciated no matter when it is received.