Thursday, September 23, 2010

Children's Gift Ideas

Birthday parties for children are so much fun but sometimes the challenge can be finding the right gift that's age-appropriate, affordable and unique. Here are some ideas I've come across lately.

I love the Paint-a-Pot Garden, pictured above, from Our Garden. It says for ages 5 and up but Janie and I had fun doing it today. It comes with a set of paints and brushes, a terra cotta pot, Marigold seeds and soil. A fun activity and children can watch their special garden grow! You can find them locally at my favorite garden center, Gulley's.

I also love making a short sleeve white T-shirt special (don't they go through hundreds of these?) by adding a child's name or monogram. I buy them from Target and take them to The Butterfly Cottage downtown for a quick, simple monogram. I've also ordered shirts from this Etsy site that are adorable and excellent quality!

We LOVE the book Bee and Me by Elle J. McGuinnes and Heather Brown. I think that book with a jar of local honey would make a great gift (for mom and dad, too) and teach children the importance of supporting local bee keepers. You can always find fresh, local honey at the Farmers Markets.

This is a little bit of a splurge for a very curious child...The Birdsong Identiflyer (below) is the coolest little handheld device that teaches children how to identify bird calls. Janie and I discovered this at Wildbirds Unlimited in Aberdeen and she could have played with it for hours. Do you have any children's gift ideas? I'd love to hear them!!