Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ranch-Style Homes & Front Porch Planters

On a recent trip home to Asheville, I was inspired by my parents neighbors' home and front porch planters. Their ranch-style home has been totally converted into an updated mid-century classic with great details and amazing landscaping and planters. I had to sneak a few pictures!

Although typically I'm drawn to older homes with more details and charm, I really like the idea of an updated ranch and the simple layout and convenience they afford. Characterized by the following details, Ranch-style homes became popular after World War II as an economical alternative for all of the returning soldiers and their families:

•Single story
•Low pitched gable roof
•Deep-set eaves
•Horizontal, rambling layout: Long, narrow, and low to the ground
•Rectangular, L-shaped, or U-shaped design
•Large windows: double-hung, sliding, and picture
•Sliding glass doors leading out to patio
•Attached garage
•Simple floor plans
•Emphasis on openness (few interior walls) and efficient use of space
•Built from natural materials: Oak floors, wood or brick exterior
•Lack decorative detailing, aside from decorative shutters

My mom introduced me to the Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (she has amazing taste and decorating abilities) and I love their height and shape, especially in the topiary form. And to have two, flanking the front door (which I didn't capture, unfortunately) is very effective! Love the symmetry!

*Facts and information from about.com/architecture