Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flatweave Rugs

I really like the look of a more casual, flat weave or no pile rug. Even layered over sea grass or sisal, they can add a dimension of color and pattern. I've had several friends inquire about the different types of flat weave rugs and I found a great explanation on House & Home's website:

What is a flat weave rug?
Flat weave describes flat pile or no-pile rugs known for their durability and strength. They are made on a loom rather than knotted. They are considered less formal than oriental or Persian rugs. Their bold colours, geometric patterns and low cost make them perfect for casual living, cottages and brightening up floors for the summer. Standard sizes are 3' by 6', 4’ by 6’, 4’ by 9’ and 9’ by 12’.Different types include Aubusson, Dhurrie, Kilim and Soumak.

Aubusson rugs, like the one below, are typically more traditional with lighter colors and floral motifs.

Dhurries can be made from cotton, wool or jute and are usually inexpensive with a simple design.

Kilims are characterized by their rough wool, bright colors and geometric patterns and are reversible.

Soumaks tend to be higher quality wool rugs and therefore more expensive. They are made with an embroidery technique that loops around a cotton or wool foundation. Wouldn't this one make a gorgeous runner?

*Image at top via Canadian House & Home; rugs from overstock.com