Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweetly Scented

How do you scent your home...with fresh flowers, candles, diffusers? Or do you prefer no scent? Whatever you choose (as long as it's not one of those plug in fragrances) can be fun and seasonal. Gianna Rose Atelier's version of ceramic diffusers, above, looks heavenly, especially for a beach house guest bathroom. This scent is orchid and honeysuckle. Blissliving Home's Kafir Lily Diffuser would make a great gift and it's nice and small so it could fit anywhere. The ceramic diffusers work by emitting fragrant essential oils from porous ceramic pieces so it's subtle and pretty. You can also find similar diffusers locally at One Eleven Main. I'm on a wait list for mine!

I love the little gourd shaped vase that these Palm Beach scented oil diffuser reeds come in (below) by Jonathan Adler. You can find them at the fabulous store Pieces in Atlanta.

Now that fall is here, I love to scent our kitchen with Mulling Spices from Williams Sonoma. Right now they're having a special, two for $18. These are great for spicing up cider or wine or just simmering in a little water on the stove. Your whole kitchen will smell like fall.

And my very favorite candle is Votivo's Red Currant, love their new packaging! You can find these locally at Denkers. It is a rich, warm scent that's great for the holidays and one of my favorite gifts for clients and friends. How do you make your home smell sweet?