Monday, January 10, 2011

Cozy Living Rooms

What makes a living room cozy and inviting? Lately I've had several clients and friends ask me that question.
More than anything else I think it's a feeling you create in the room by adding special, thoughtful touches. Like the art on the easel in the photo above (notice there's nothing hanging on the walls) and the rough texture of the rug. Or the clever use of lighting in the photo below. The designer hung a small chandelier very low and used wall shelves as a side table because of the limited space.
A mix of textures, great sophisticated lighting and plenty of seating are key elements of a great living room but adding fun pillows and natural elements adds personality.
A great way to tell if your living room is inviting to guests is to act like the sofa warm and inviting with a throw and some pillows, is the seating arrangement condusive to conversation, is there plenty of light for reading and enough surface area to set a drink down or play a game? Ask yourself these questions and then make the changes! You'll be so glad you did when unexpected guests arrive!

*All images via Canadian House & Home