Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few of my Favorite (Spring) Things

Last weekend I hosted a mother/daughter tea party (with help from my lovely and gracious mother) and it was such fun! It was a good reminder of how nice the English tradition of afternoon tea really is. Now that spring is here and it's getting warmer, here's a yummy herbal ice tea that's very easy to make:

-8-10 tea bags (4 cups to 1 quart and most pitchers hold 4-6 quarts, but I like mine strong). I love Ahmad Teas and their Rosehip, Hibiscus & Cherry is very good; they also have fruity black teas if you need a kick.
-1/4 cup of agave nectar
-fresh mint of limes

Bring two cups of water to a boil, add agave until dissolved, let tea bags steep for about 10 minutes (too long and it might become bitter) and add to pitcher + water, serve over ice with lime wedge or mint sprig. Wouldn't this be yummy with hot cross buns?

Here's a recipe from the Pioneer Woman, one of my heroes! Or you can go the easy route, like me, and order them from your local bakery.

On a totally different note, I love these Beach Tints for lips and cheeks from Becca. They smell so good and give a subtle flush.

And my favorite faux glow is the Tan Towel. So natural and easy to apply! They're sold locally at Denkers. I got this Bobbi Brown sunscreen spray for our honeymoon six years ago and I'm still a huge fan!

And lastly, even though I can only dream about wearing something non-maternity, I can still look, right? How cute is this little dress from Anthropologie!