Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Inspiration

So as we continue to wait for the boys to arrive (anyday now), I am anticipating a lull in blog posts until things fall into some sort of routine...wonder when that will be?
*Design by Massucco Warner Miller
I will, however, need some design distraction and inspiration from time to time, I feel sure. So I updated my blog roll (at right)and was excited to find a few NC bloggers and this one by artist Caitlin McGauley, how cute is this crib bedding and the water colors she painted?

My daily inspiration will certainly be in the form of two little baby boys who I can't wait to meet and their big sister. I feel so blessed and thankful for this precious miracle and I pray everyday that I'm up for the task. A quick reminder of the early days...
*Janie at 2 months

YES, I think I can do this!