Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fun

A serious lack of posts, I know, but things are moving along and anyday these baby boys will join us so I'm trying to get settled and also rest as much as possible. It helps to have some "summer fun" ideas for Janie during these long hot days.

Martha is nice to provide endless ideas and inspiration on her website. And here are a few more ideas:

-Fill up a sand and water table or water table (like this one) in the shade with fresh, cool water and special water-proof friends and buckets.

-Create an art area or room with a child's size table and chairs, oil cloth mat and tons of supplies from Michaels or other craft stores. Janie and I could paint for hours! I also put her CD player in there so she can sing along. Oil cloth, by the yard, from Cath Kidston:

-My mom's GREAT idea was to give Janie a disposable camera and let her take pictures around the yard, in town, wherever she chooses, and then develop them and make a book about our summer.

-Janie and her dad love to make homemade popsicles and Oprah featured some very creative recipes last month.

I might be running out of creative ideas so PLEASE share some summer fun of your own, I'd love to hear!