Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Day in the Life...

I know these days are passing quickly and at some point I will miss being so depended on and needed. It is truly a gift and it makes 2am feedings much more tolerable if I have this perspective!

No need for an alarm clock! These guys usually wake us up around 6am:
Followed by their "Sissy" around 6:45...eager to see her brothers and have her favorite breakfast. We call it "Toad in the Hole," here's the recipe, couldn't be easier:
This is fun family time...very brief as Dad leaves for work early and Janie's ride for school comes around 8:20. She loves her 4 yr. old preschool program and has the best teachers! Here she is on the first day:
Then I get to hang with Charlie and Hunter. We basically drink milk, play on the activity mat, kick and coo, and then go to sleep, wake up, repeat :)
When it's pretty we love to go on walks and spend time outside. They love the fresh air! Summer is a constant companion, as well:
Then Janie comes home and fills the house with stories of school, songs and lots of energy. Her new swingset has been a hit:
Daddy is always a welcomed site and we love having friends and visitors stop by! Supper and bath time can be hectic but it's such a nice way to signal the end of the day.
Speaking of is usually a quick heat up of something from the freezer but I'm eager to try some new recipes, like this one:
These are my end of day gifts...a nice bath with Aveda Calming Oil:
And a cup of this:
Nite nite!