Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Emerging...Slowly

It has been a wild ride, these past few months! The boys arrived July 30th and I find I'm just now emerging from a little cocoon that has been feeding, changing, burping and getting back to sleep these little fellas, Charlie and Hunter:
Oh my gosh, they're so sweet! And their sister is truly amazing, taking it all in stride as her new little brothers change her life considerably:
By the way, my sister took this picture of Janie. She just started a photography business and she's amazing! Check out her site here.
Obviously blogging and being creative has fallen by the wayside but I can't complain. At the end of each day, I am truly amazed at how fulfilling it is to be a mommy and I am humbled and grateful!
The boys are growing and changing dramatically and it is a gift to be able to nurture and watch them each day. Exhausting, yes, but I am not alone...my "team" has been like a web of support and comfort. I have not made it this far without them! My precious husband, my mom who has been here for weeks at a time and helps me keep my sanity! My mother and father-in-law, amazingly helpful, willing and able to do ANYTHING-even the late night shift feedings, God bless them! And our friends who have provided suppers, driven Janie all around town, offered wonderful support and love and advice. I feel so incredibly blessed!!
I'm also excited about using my mind in other ways and this blog allows me to do just that! I'm going to re-launch a new and refreshed look in the coming months with some fun home projects, design inspiration and of course, twin progress! It all keeps me busy but that's what I love most about being a mommy...the way it inspires me to be my best self.
*Image borrowed from fabulous K blog
See ya soon!