Monday, October 8, 2012

One Year Old Boys

 Are pretty fun! Hunter and Charlie keep us entertained and on our toes daily!
Charlie is walking, practically running everywhere. We laugh when he calls me, "MA!" He loves his blankie, his sissy and his doggie and he figures things out quickly, like clapping, dropping things in a bucket, getting off a step. He falls and pops right back up. He's pretty fearless and he's incredibly brilliant :)
 Hunter is so sweet and jovial. He laughs (and cries) easily and was so proud he had learned to clap like brother that he stayed up until 9:00 one night clapping in his crib. He's hilarious and affectionate and will walk over and put his head on your shoulder (we all love that.)

They BEAM whenever Sissy is near. She is their hero and the feeling is mutual. Janie hugs and kisses and protects her brothers fiercely.

Each day is a gift.