Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Happiness is a warm Puppy!"

Such true words! And I would add...sheer joy is a child with a warm puppy. 

  This summer has been FULL of fun with Rosie! At first I thought we were crazy but as I watch the boys chase her in the backyard and Janie cuddle with her before bed and first thing each morning, I'm reminded of how full a home is with a loved pet. And I'm thankful we found each other. 

 Hunter and Charlie were all smiles about turning 5! And it's hard to believe Janie is 9 and starting 3rd grade. I'm also excited to post pictures soon about a fun project with a family here in town. 

Some days completely overwhelm me and it's hard to catch my breath but in the moments I can stop and reflect, my heart is so full. I need to remember to catch those moments more often.