I have always been drawn to and profoundly influenced by the arts. When I was very young, my mother created the “Little Peoples Art Gallery” for my sisters and me and our neighborhood friends in our backyard. We were encouraged to visit museums and local galleries and I loved to dance and write poetry.  I can even remember rearranging and accessorizing my room at a young age and finding it refreshing and invigorating, even then… All of this cultivated within me a sincere appreciation for art and for artistic self-expression.

At Wofford College, I majored in Art History and Spanish and traveled throughout Europe, studying art and language. It was there that I truly began to appreciate the influence of travel, and cultures and lifestyles so different from my own.

After college and living out west in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I moved to Charlotte and graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte’s Residential Interior Design Program with honors. I was able to intern and work with influential interior designers as well as a highly respected antiques dealer before establishing my own business, now based in Southern Pines.

I have been fortunate to have studied and worked in the creative fields and I find that I am constantly seeking new opportunities to learn and grow in these areas. My goal is to bring this knowledge and enthusiasm to each project and to each client so that we can both learn and grow through the design process. If I have helped someone create a room or a home that is more livable, more peaceful and serene and one in which they can feel proud, than I have been successful.